Malaria and other health issues affecting indigenous peoples of Venezuela

On #WorldHealthDay2018 we would like to draw attention to the plight of the indigenous peoples of Venezuela who are the most vulnerable in the current health crisis that is affecting the entire country and has recently exploded onto the international scene. Latest figures by the World Health Organization estimate 500,000 cases of Malaria per year in Venezuela.

Photo: El Cooperante


  • On April 11 the governor of Bolivar finally had to admit that there were many more cases of Malaria than he had previously announced, but only after ex minister of health, Dr. Jose Felix Oletta contradicted his early numbers and predicted that there may be as many as 568,750 cases in 2018. Read here
Minister of Health Luis Lopez Photo: Courtesy Prensa Min de Salud
Graphics: Oletta, JF

  • The alarming number of cases of Malaria in Venezuela are mainly originating in the state of Bolivar around the gold mines, and the latest increase in cases is associated with the announcement of the Arco Minero del Orinoco in 2016 which caused a gold rush of thousands of illegal miners. Read here
Image: ACL/SPV
Photo: ACL/SPV
  • Venezuela is also witnessing a serious measles outbreak which is affecting the Warao indigenous group.  The week of April 5, 20 Warao children died of measles, following a trend that has been increasing every month Read more
Photo: Courtesy of Kapé Kapé
  • For much more information regarding malaria and how the Maduro Regime is dealing with it in all the wrong ways please visit

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