These are the key legal documents (laws, decrees, political documents) that govern Venezuelan Amazonia and specifically prohibit mining in Protected Areas in Venezuela. Most importantly, the ORGANIC LAW OF THE FRESHWATER MEGARESERVE & BIODIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH OF THE ORINOCO & AMAZONIA (Sanctioned by the National Assembly on November 27, 2018) proposes a territorial reorganization in the entire Southern region of Venezuela – Bolivar and Amazonas state – and ratifies that all mining in the Arco Minero and in Protected Areas is illegal.

Decreto 276 | Reglamento Parcial de la Ley Orgánica para la Ordenación del Territorio sobre administración y manejo de parques nacionales y monumentos naturales

UN Human Rights report on Venezuela urges immediate measures to halt and remedy grave rights violations 2020

CIDH emite medidas cautelares a favor de miembros de los Pueblos Indígenas Yanomami y Ye'kwana

Ley Orgánica para la ordenación del territorio 1983

Prohibición de la minería en el estado Amazonas 1989

Our position on
the Orinoco Mining Arc

Arco Minero del Orinoco

The purpose of SOSOrinoco is to shed light on the existing body of work regarding the situation in the Amazonia and Orinoquia regions of Venezuela, to raise awareness of the tragedy that is occurring and to outline some urgent measures that need to be taken in order to halt the unfolding human and environmental disaster.