Illegal Gold Mining in Canaima National Park (World Heritage Site) 2018

In recent years there has been an increase in information pertaining to a boom in gold mining activity within Canaima National Park (CNP), a World Heritage Site (WHS). Furthermore, this situation falls within the context of a strategic policy of the current Venezuelan government that promotes mining activities over vast geographic areas, and encompasses all mining categories.

The present report identifies and locates areas of gold mining activity within Canaima National Park, as well as in areas around its geographic boundaries and analyzes its different modalities. Furthermore, it explains the dynamics and the processes that are making this boom possible, and draws conclusions and offers recommendations concerning steps to be taken in order to succeed in having Canaima rescue its intrinsic traits of naturalness and sustainability that may allow the park to continue to meet the criteria necessary for being a World Heritage Site.

Canaima needs to be added to the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger. This is an essential step for encouraging the adoption of conservation measures within the scope of the World Heritage Convention. If this is not done, the political significance of the Convention itself will no longer be understood.

  • Read the full report in English submitted by SOSOrinoco in July 2018 to UNESCO and IUCN on “The Current Gold Mining Situation in Canaima National Park: A World Heritage Site in Venezuela”
  • Lea el reporte completo en español entregado por SOSOrinoco en Julio 2018 a UNESCO y UICN sobre “La Situación Actual de Minería Aurífera en el Parque Nacional Canaima: Sitio de Patrimonio Mundial en Venezuela”

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