Pemon people: victims of the Maduro Regime’s latest power grab

It has become increasingly evident that the struggle between the Pemon people and the Maduro regime during the month of February 2019 in Santa Elena de Uairén and the Venezuelan-Brazilian border was not really about stopping humanitarian aid from entering Venezuela, but rather an excuse for the regime’s (carried out by the US and Canada sanctioned Chavista governor of Bolivar State, Justo Noguera Pietri) latest power grab to control the Pemon ancestral lands, the real objective being the illegal gold mines in that region.

The Pemón People of Venezuela are the victims of the Maduro Regime’s latest power grab, this time for the Pemon ancestral lands and illegal mines in Bolivar state.

The Murder of Venezuela’s Visionary Adventure Guide

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Canaima National Park, sacred to the indigenous Pemón, is a marquee destination for international explorers. But the region’s economic future is in doubt after forces loyal to Nicolás Maduro shot and killed longtime guide Rolando Garcia in February. Read article

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