Historically, this region has alternated between neglect and attention on the part of Venezuelan rulers, both of which have had negative and positive results. During the past 20 years, the Chavista narcostate has shown fluctuating levels of attention particularly when both Chavez and Maduro were keen to find new sources of money. During this period, the government has tried to implement 6 programs[i] in partnership with various countries[ii] – the latest one being the Arco Minero[iii] plan announced on February 24, 2016[iv] – to exploit the vast gold[v], diamond[vi], coltan[vii] and other mineral reserves[viii]. The results have been catastrophic both for the region[ix], its people, the environment and will probably have tragic lasting- if not irreversible – effects on Venezuela and beyond.[x]

The human and environmental abuses can be classified into five major categories:

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