Loss of sovereignty and lawlessness spill over into Guyana and the Essequibo

The Guardian and Caracas Chronicles report on the increasing lawlessness and violence on the border of Venezuela and Guyana Read more

More reports of ELN and FARC operating inside Venezuela and recruiting young, starving Venezuelan men for dismal “pay”

There are increasing reports about FARC dissident groups reorganizing themselves and using Venezuela as a “safe space” to relaunch themselves.  Also a recent bombing of guerrillas in Colombia on June 13 by the Colombian armed forces, revealed that among the dead were young venezuelan men who apparently had been recruited for a paltry pay of $34 to $68 – a veritable fortune for hungry venezuelans who are lucky to make $2/month at this point in time.

www.PanamPost.com | Guerrillas colombianas contratan a venezolanos para engrosar filas

www.DiariodelasAmericas.com | En las selvas del sur de Colombia tres disidentes buscan refundar a las FARC

Guerra entre mafias y guerrillas para controlar el Arco Minero

Las FARC y el ELN, desplazados por el Plan Colombia, el Plan Patriota y luego ayudados por el Proceso de Pacificación, por el Presidente de Colombia Juan Manuel Santos y por el régimen que desgobierna a Venezuela, se encuentran ahora en Venezuela. Read more

Confirmed presence of ELN Guerrillas in Bolivar State, Venezuela

This past week the presence of ELN guerrillas has been confirmed in the the town of Guasipati, Edo. Bolivar.  This is far east of the border between Colombia and Venezuela, confirming what has long been suspected and rumored, that the government of Venezuela has lost control of our national sovereignty and has probably made a deal with the ELN, allowing it to make incursions way inside Venezuelan territory. Read more

Illegal mining on the Atabapo River, Amazonas, Venezuela

The region where three major rivers – Orinoco, Atabapo & Guaviare Rivers – come together in Amazonas State in Venezuela is controlled by the FARC with the blessing and collusion of the Bolivarian National Guard/@GNBoficial, the Bolivarian Armed Forces/#FANB and of course, Nicolas Maduro. Read More