Maps of mines inside and on borders of Canaima National Park – World Heritage Site

Map of mines inside and on the edges of Canaima NP

Three main areas of illegal mining inside Canaima National Park – Tres áreas principales de minería ilegal dentro del PN Canaima

Minas (ilegales) dentro del PN Canaima – Illegal mines inside Canaima NP

FARC & ELN cross border smuggling Colombia – Amazonas (Venezuela)



Fundación Ideas para la Paz

Map of presence of ELN and dissident FARC groups in Orinoquía, Colombia and Venezuela (click on map to open full document or click here)

Presence of the FARC guerrilla group in Venezuela

Indigenous groups of Venezuela

Protected Areas – Areas Bajo Regímenes de Administración Especial | ABRAE

The Arco Minero and protected areas of Venezuela

Arco Minero de Venezuela

Satellite image of La Gran Sabana inside World Heritage Site Parque Nacional Canaima

Uncontrolled burning and deforestation inside the National Park

Illegal mining has led to indiscriminate burning and cutting down of the forests

Deforestation has led to desertification inside the World Heritage Site

Gold Mine Las Claritas – one of the largest in the world

Satellite image of Las Claritas and surrounding area of KM 88, Edo. Bolivar

Cerro Aracamuni

Map of Cerro Aracamuni

Illegal mining inside Natural Monument Cerro Aracamuni Edo. Amazonas
Close-up of mining site
Satellite images of illegal mining sites


Planta Perú, El Callao, Edo. Bolívar


Illegal Mining Sites