“Una mina de oro para cada gobernación” significará el auge de la criminalidad y barbarie

Dos entrevistas  – del Diputado Américo De Grazia y el ex senador Alexander Luzardo -resaltan cómo el reciente anuncio de Maduro de la entrega de una mina a cada gobernación (chavista por supuesto), significará el auge continuado de la criminalidad, de la devastación ambiental y de la presencia de grupos irregulares como el ELN al Sur del Orinoco.  Leer más 

Creating a buzz: How satellite imagery brought awareness to deforestation and illegal mining in a National Park 

An article by The SOS Orinoco Team Read here

New videos of the devastation inside Yapacana National Park, Amazonas, Venezuela

Thanks to cooperation with Radiant Earth Foundation, SOSOrinoco got access to and analysis of recent (2018) open data from the European Union Sentinel 2 satellites and access and analysis of high resolution images of Yapacana National Park, courtesy of satellite image ©2018 DigitalGlobe, a Maxar company, that reveal the accelerated pace of devastation and deforestation due to illegal mining inside the park.  

Part I video 

Part II video 

Part III video

Part VI video

Libro e Infografía de Minería Ilegal en Países Amazónicos 

Link para el libro “La Realidad de la Minería Ilegal en Países Amazónicos” Autores Carmen Heck Franco y César A. Ipenza Peralta 

Map of illegal mining in Amazonian countries courtesy Red Amazónica de Información Socioambiental Georreferenciada (RAISG) Dec 10, 2018

US Government plans more sanctions targeting Venezuela’s gold exports

As the Maduro Regime attempts to maneuver around sanctions that are limiting its ability to produce revenues via PDVSA, they are trying to ramp up gold, diamond and coltan production, circumvent the Central Bank of Venezuela by smuggling these conflict minerals through Colombia, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao and lately direct flights to Turkey, in order to export the minerals directly to Turkey and Iran.  Read More

Video of  Venezuela as Case Study of Corruption, Peace, and Security – Arria-Formula Meeting of the Security Council Formula

On September 10, 2018,  briefer Marshall Billingslea, Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing, U.S. Department of the Treasury made a presentation at an informal Arria-formula meeting of the Security Council  that focused on the pervasive corruption in Venezuela that has led to instability and a humanitarian crisis, a key aspect of which is the current Gold Rush that is devastating the environment and indigenous peoples. Read more and watch video clip

How the armed forces and mafias in Venezuela control gold mines

This report by ControlCiudadano.org documents the chain of command in the gold mines of Venezuela, involving the armed forces and mafias. Read more


Illegal mining sites in Cerro Yapakana National Park, Amazonas, Venezuela

Recent satellite images (May 2018 reveal and confirm the location of the illegal mining site Maraya inside YAPAKANA National Park in Amazonas State (Venezuela) where any type of mining is forbidden in the 1999 Constitution of Venezuela. Criminal illegal mining in this state is not only allowed but exploited by the Venezuelan Armed Forces, in particular by the regional command REDI Guayana. View images

Sanctioned Diosdado Cabello is responsible for illicit activities and loss of national sovereignty South of the Orinoco River

“Scars” left by illegal mining controlled by the Farc in Amazonas

Look at the scars left by  – prohibited by Decree No. 269 (1989) but allowed by  & controlled by the  – that destroy the ‘s environment and threaten their livelihood. Read More