The Pemon view of the government’s December 8-9, 2018 violent attack in Canaima

What exactlly happened in Canaima on December 8-9, 2018?  Read more

¿Qué exactamente ocurrió en Canaima el 8-9 Diciembre, 2018? Leer más

#9Ago Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas

— SOS Orinoco (@SOSOrinoco) August 9, 2018

Pemón protest against human rights abuses, violence, displacements and critical health situation

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Pemon, Hoti & Eñepa indigenous peoples threatened by dissident FARC group

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Abuse of indigenous peoples in San Fernando de Atabapo, Amazonas

Recently we denounced the abuses occurring in the state of Amazonas, Venezuela at the confluence of the Orinoco, Atabapo and Guaviare Rivers. Read More

Impact of illegal mining on the indigenous peoples of Venezuela

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