Aracamuni 4

This is a 360 degree 3D view of a WorldView 4 very high resolution satellite image dated March 4 2018, of Cerro Aracamuni WEST, inside Serranía La Neblina National Park, on the border of Brazil and the state of Amazonas (Venezuela). Three mining sectors are visible, from North to South, that are between Aracamuni West and Aracamuni East. Destruction caused by illegal mining is visible in the depression between Aracamuni West and East. A burned area of the rainforest is visible. On the top of Cerro Aracamuni West, a large elongated mine can be seen with a grey cloud that is smoke from a forest fire. These inaccessible mountains within the national park are supplied by helicopters belonging to the Bolivarian Armed Forces, and the mines are operated and controlled by the FARC/ELN, who smuggle the gold into Colombia.

Our position on
the Orinoco Mining Arc

Arco Minero del Orinoco

The purpose of SOSOrinoco is to shed light on the existing body of work regarding the situation in the Amazonia and Orinoquia regions of Venezuela, to raise awareness of the tragedy that is occurring and to outline some urgent measures that need to be taken in order to halt the unfolding human and environmental disaster.