Illegal mining sites in Cerro Yapakana National Park, Amazonas, Venezuela

Recent satellite images (May 2018 reveal and confirm the location of the illegal mining site Maraya inside YAPAKANA National Park in Amazonas State (Venezuela) where any type of mining is forbidden in the 1999 Constitution of Venezuela. Criminal illegal mining in this state is not only allowed but exploited by the Venezuelan Armed Forces, in particular by the regional command REDI Guayana. View images

Sanctioned Diosdado Cabello is responsible for illicit activities and loss of national sovereignty South of the Orinoco River

“Scars” left by illegal mining controlled by the Farc in Amazonas

Look at the scars left by  – prohibited by Decree No. 269 (1989) but allowed by  & controlled by the  – that destroy the ‘s environment and threaten their livelihood. Read More